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The tourism industry is a 'people industry' so employers look for people who have good interpersonal skills. Some of the qualities you need are:

  • Enjoy meeting people
  • Flexible working - are you willing to work weekends and unsocial hours?
  • Be able to work as part of team
  • Get on with different types of people
  • Handle difficult people and situations
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Have good all round communication skills - you will have to speak to people face to face, on the 'phone and communicate by letter and email too
  • Be organised and have good administrative skills - you many be handling cash or administering a budget, organising rotas and timetabling staff, writing reports, finding out information
  • Be able to use new technology from computers to presentation equipment and mobile 'phones

If you want to run your own business you will need all the qualities above especially working under pressure, organisational skills and handling difficult situations and people! But you will also need experience of:

  • Marketing / promotions
  • Financial management
  • Customer service
  • Staff recruitment, selection and management, and employment law
  • Organisational skills

Many of these skills can be gained through short courses at your local college or the industry training bodies mentioned below. Trade organisations can also advise on areas such as employment practices.

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