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Dairy herd

A group of cows used for milk production


Dressed carcus weight. This is usually 50 - 60% of the weight ofthe live animal.


A carefully planned mix of feeds to encourage growth or production

Difficult births

When a ewe or cow has trouble in giving birth by itself


Sheep are drenched and dipped to protect them against pests and illness. Drenching at weaning at and at regular intervals thereafter can prevent some worm parasites but the parasites, mostly worms, are becaming resistant to the drench. Dipping is done after shearing by pour-on, swim, shower or spray on treatment to control lice and flystrike outbreaks. Lousy sheep don’t do well.


Removal of small horns when animal is young


Implement used to chop soil in order to create a seedbed


Fungi, bacteria or viral infections of plants or animals


Removal of portion of a lambs tail for health reasons


Application of liquid medication via the animal’s mouth


Grain crops must be dried to the correct moisture levels by blowing air through them


Implement used to plant seeds like wheat, barley etc.

Dry cow therapy

A course of antibiotics given to milking cows, when they are dried off, in order to reduce the chance of mastitus occurring in the next lacation.


Animal faeces


Difficult birth

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