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Any mechanical implement used to carry out fieldwork on farms


A mineral needed by plants and animals. In plants deficiency causes yellowing of leaves. In animals deficiency causes grass staggers.


Crop grown for conserving as winter feed for cattle (like sweet corn)


Inflamation of the udder caused by bacteria. Serious cases lead to loss of udder function and in some rare cases death of the cow. Care needs to be taken during milking to avoid spread of the bacteria responsible for the disease.


See mastitis


Traditional grass field cut for hay in the summer.


A fungal disease of crops, characterised by white fluffy pustules on leaves, ears and stems.

milk flow meter

A meter attached to the milk line from the milking cluster which measures the amount of milk produced by a cow and signals the ACR to remove the teat cups from the cow when milk flow ceases.

milk let down

When the cow’s udder is stimulated by a suckling calf or the action of the milking process she releases the milk stored in her udder. If the cow is frightened the let down process is suppressed by andrenalin in her body.

Monopitch building

A farm building where the roof slopes in one direction only, often across the shorter dimension. Access to the building is usually where the roof is highest.


Margin over purchased foods. Value of milk produced less the cost of food purchased for the cow. This shows the value of the contribution from food grown on the farm.

Mounted sprayer

Sprayer mounted on the back of a tractor, rather than trailed machine


Machine used to cut grass for silage

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